PSNI Visit

15th April 2019

Phil and Alan came to visit us today to explain their role within the community. They help people if there has been an accident - controlling the traffic, working with the fire and ambulance services.  If we get lost they can help us find our mummies and daddies - we can identify their uniforms and ask them to help us.  Some times they have to arrest people if they dont do the right thing - Miss Donoghue pretended to steal all the Easter eggs and money from Asda and she was arrested - yet she promised to never do it again and the children said she could be released. They reminded us that we must wear our seat belts in the car, not to distract the driver and to not use mobile phones when driving.  We discussed Stranger Danger and we told them we will shout 'Stranger Danger' if someone we dont know apporached us.  We then looked at the different pieces of equipment that they us and could to sit in the police car - we put on the lights and the sirens!