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Convent of Mercy Nursery, Folly Lane, Downpatrick, County Down

Amazon Jungle Show - Miss Donoghue

11th May 2023

Today Amazon Jungle came to visit.  Catherine explained that the animals were reptiles and many would normally live in the hot climate of the desert.   We had the opportunity to closely look at them, pet them gently and learn that they like to eat worms, crickets and mice.

We knew that spiders have eight legs and now also eight eyes.  Catherine ask us to find our hearts and explained a spiders heart is down by their bottom and that their stomach in is in the their head!!!!!!!

Timothy the tortoise.

Marcel the chameleon

Wilbur the bearded dragon

Jaffa the snake

Jellybean the gecko

Hector the frog

Alisha the tarantula